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dressupcharlotte asked:

any tips for a newer sissy on how to feel and act more feminine? :$


Hey sissy ;)
I just looked at your page, you’re on the right track. I’m really happy to know that you understand what it means to be a sissy and you fully accept the idea of feminizing yourself to maximize your sissification. That’s the first step. Get in the mindset. Repeat these words to yourself multiple times a day: “I am a sissy. I love to suck cock. CUM is delicious. I like big dick in my little ass.” The more you say it, the more you’ll crave it. Second step is to dress the part. Always wear something a little feminine, like a tight shirt or tight jeans and especially panties. Shave the hair from your legs and around your crotch and feel the smooth silky panties slide against your skin. The third thing is to stop orgasming through jerking off. lock your clitty in chasity. Doing this will increase your desire to be more feminine. Train yourself to cum from anal stimulation. Let the cum dribble out from your clit instead of shooting it out. Invest in a butt plug and wear it under your panties. Watch lots of sissy hypno videos until you feel lightheaded.

This works.. Trust me

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