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Still single after all these years

I think I’d make a good catch for the right girl. I’ve been told I’m attractive, witty and intelligent. I’m spiritual, independent, productive, have a healthy positive attitude and fought my way back from Hell to be four years sober. I’m a true survivor and dedicated my life to helping others and trying to make a positive impact in this world. I’ve been single nine years because I just haven’t found what I truly desire. Regular girls just don’t do it for me since I’m not your average guy. Is it so hard for a bi-gendered girly/boy like me to find a dominant, assertive girl who can humiliate me, take the key to my chastity device let me adore her and tell me how she cheats on me? Ha. Oh and love music and politics?? To fall in love, have a family and change the world together? Yea it’s frustrating and lonely sometimes but I’ll trudge the road of single town with my eyes open and with hope in my heart.

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